Zoning Issues in Village of Oak Creek / Big Park

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Current Issue

Under review right now in the Village of Oak Creek (corner of SR179 and Jacks Canyon Road) is an application to rezone from residential to C2-1 commercial. 

The application is strictly for a C2-1 zoning change with no attached site plan, although the owner suggests an intention to develop a 3-floor hotel. If granted, the community would not be afforded any input on the usage or structures built. This is how the soaring, view-obstructing Element Hotel that is currently under construction just a block away from this parcel came to be without public knowledge. 

The application is a clever workaround. Although the applicant claims to have eliminated elements of a previously reviewed hotel plan that the community opposed –– this application took the plan off the table and instead want a simple “blanket” rezone! 

 • This application has no binding development plan, allowing the owner (or subsequent owners) the right to develop ANYTHING within the height and easement envelope allowable. 

Inappropriate for the Location: The parcel abuts residential or PAD properties to the east, south and west – making C2-1 zoning inappropriate and incompatible with surrounding land usages. 

Impact to Health and Safety: Development of a high traffic, high density enterprise at this already congested intersection deprives residents in Jacks Canyon area of their only escape route in event of disaster and dangerously complicates first responder access for life-saving services. Lives will be at serious risk. 

Impact to Community: Significant traffic and public safety issues are being ignored, including safe movement for pedestrians, bikes and disabled persons. 

Impact to Neighbors: Adjacent neighborhoods are at risk to diminished quality of life and property value. 

All American Road/Scenic Byway: This designation involved a covenant that we preserve and protect the iconic red rock viewscapes, recreation opportunities and unique village character. C2-1 zoning puts all that at risk. 

Critical Dates

Board of Supervisors — POSTPONED November 20th, 9am 10 S. 6th St., Cottonwood

Use Your Voice

Write a letter or email to the County. At the beginning of your letter/email you MUST reference Patel Zoning Map Change, Application #405-33-479G. For your opposition letter to be counted, it MUST include: your name, address and a CLEAR statement that you OPPOSE the requested rezoning for parcel 405-33-479G.

Attn Leah Genovese, Yavapai County Development Services
10 S. 6th Street, Cottonwood, AZ 86326   Fax: (928) 639-8153

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Risks of Commercial C2-1 Rezone at Jacks Canyon Rd & SR 179   PDF

Filed Application for the C2-1 Zoning Change  PDF