The Village Got SOLD OUT


6-3 Vote to APPROVE Commercial Rezone

You can only imagine the chilling silence when the BPRCC P&Z committee voted yesterday 6-3 to recommend APPROVAL of the commercial rezoning application to the Big Park Council.  Three courageous committee members stood up for our community, while the other six believe that a handshake deal with the applicant to restrain the height of a proposed hotel to 43.5′ and restrict the setback easements from the streets was GOOD ENOUGH.  The Hilton Garden Inn proposal that was defeated unanimously back in February was actually only 41.5′ high (2′ lower than what is being discussed now) … and more restrictive on every other front! 

Four months of tedious deliberations and stalling, and we got much worse deal!

One committee member is a hotel owner and founding member of a tiny organization called the Sedona Village Lodging Association, which has no website and reportedly has only three members.  This same individual refused to abstain from voting on the committee decision in spite of obvious conflict of interest.  He declared that because he was voting in FAVOR of a new hotel project, no conflict existed. (He abstained from the Feb vote because that time he voted AGAINST the hotel).  The Patel’s will no doubt be members in good standing of the Lodging Association. (And yes, this Lodging Association is a member of the BP Council and qualified to vote on this measure)

This same member explained that the purpose of the American Scenic Byway program was to BOOST COMMERCE – thus a view-block, traffic-congesting, public safety menace project is consistent with the objectives.  In his vernacular, it will ENHANCE the visitor experience. Really?

  • Send in your letter or email of opposition TODAY!  For greatest impact, your letter should arrive by midnight today. It will be included in the package that the County P&Z commissioners read.  If it arrives by June 19th it will be counted but not read. At the top of your letter/email you MUST reference Patel Zoning Map Change, Application #405-33-479G; include your name and address.(visit our website for details – you can email or fax the letter for instant delivery
  • URGENT – If you reside or own a property within 1000-feet of the Patel parcel, we need your official statement of opposition. Download the letter here, sign and return it today! – email (scan or take a photo with your phone) or fax (425-949-0012).
  • Contact your Big Park Council rep and impress on them that you are OPPOSED to the REZONE and the unenforceable stipulations negotiated by the P&Z committee don’t cut it! List of Rep:
  • Attend the Big Park Council meeting next Thurs June 13th 9am. The bylaws state that you have a right to ask questions and comment.
  • We must show up in force at the County P&Z meeting on Thurs June 20th 9am.
  • We need volunteers – if you are willing to help Save Our Village, shoot us an email at

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