In Face of Unanimous Voice from the Community, BPRCC P&Z Committee Tables Vote Until Memorial Day

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  1. Stipulations that the P&Z committee has been attempting to negotiate with the Patels to limit building heights and setbacks, as well as usage – are not firmly established at this time, and could be nullified by the County P&Z Commission, Board of Supervisors, and/or found to be unenforceable by County staff.
  2. The VOCA CC&Rs pertaining to the property are not a matter of County purview.  Should the County grant the commercial rezone and the Patel’s commence building structure(s) that do not conform to the CC&Rs, the County will not wait for a legal decision before issuing building permits.

At the conclusion of the forum, the P&Z Committee met for a vote, which was open to the public.  Weary from the marathon forum, very few of us hung in for that session.  At the meeting, committee member David Gill moved that the committee vote to oppose the Rezoning request. He presented a prepared 10-point rationale for denial.  No committee member would second the motion.  Stuck at an impasse, it was decided to schedule a meeting for Monday (Memorial Day) at 9am at the VOC Church of the Nazarene to make a decision.

– It’s time to CALL OUT the P&Z committee and board who are apparently tone deaf to the best interests and the voice of the community –
  • Attend the P&Z meeting on Monday, May 27.  KEEP THE PRESSURE ON to have our community’s interest and voice incorporated into their recommendation. 9am, VOC Church of the Nazarene, 50 Rojo Drive.
  • Call, email or mail your Big Park rep to make sure they vote to OPPOSE on June 13th.  Activate your neighbors, too! The list of reps can be found on the Big Park Council website:
  • Show up at the June 13th, 9am Council meeting to make sure your Council rep votes to oppose – keep the pressure on!
  • Be on the lookout for petitions circulation around town – we are collecting signatures to let the County know where the VOC stands.

We need your time, talent and treasure to stop the County from approving this proposed “blanket” commercial zone change. Email us ( to get involved.

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