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What Every Citizen Needs to Know About the Rezoning “Deal” at Corner of SR179 / Jacks Cyn

Big Park Council Votes Thurs to Oppose or Approve Rezone Deal

This a straight C2-1 Commercial rezone request – NOTHING has changed since it was filed in April. (confirmed by County Planning 5/31/19 10:25am)   
– There is no attached site plan. (confirmed by County Planning 5/31/19 10:25am)   
– There is no usage restriction. (confirmed by County Planning 5/31/19 10:25am)
– The hotel plan in the amended application is “for transparency only”. It cannot be argued for or against at the County hearings when the decision will be made. (stated on the application cover letter)
– There are no “stipulations” attached to the application. (confirmed by County Planning 5/31/19 10:25am)

The Big Park Council Planning & Zoning Committee has conducted informal discussions with the applicant’s attorney and produced a list of wishful “stipulations” that slightly limit building height and easement distances from the street.
– This is a handshake deal – there is no binding agreement at this point.
– The Big Park Council has no legal authority to enter into an agreement of any kind – it is only an advisory body. (Bylaws posted on Big Park Council website)
– No assurance has been given by the County that any list of stipulations will pass legal review or be enforceable. We could find no precedent or even similar situation in our survey of County records. (per multiple conversations with our Supervisor and Director of Development )
– These stipulations are 100% voluntary – the applicant can rescind or amend them up to the point that the Board of Supervisors decides their case on July 17th (tentatively scheduled).
– The height restriction 43.5’ is 2 feet HIGHER than the plan that was denied by BPRCC on 2/14/19, and only 6.5’ lower than the max allowed by C2-1 zoning.
– The usage restrictions eliminate a few potential possibilities, but the C2-1 still would allow a wide range of high density, high traffic uses.
– Download BPRCC Stipulation Wish List

What is the tragic cost of this “deal” ??????

These CRITICAL ISSUES will NOT be addressed 
 • Inappropriate for the Location: The parcel abuts residential or PAD properties to the east, south and west – making C2-1 zoning inappropriate and incompatible with surrounding land usages. 
• Impact to Health and Safety: Development of a high traffic, high density enterprise at this already congested intersection deprives residents in Jacks Canyon area of their only escape route in event of disaster and dangerously complicates first responder access for life-saving services. Your pets, your horses and your very lives will be at serious risk.
• Impact to Community: Significant traffic and public safety issues are being ignored, including safe movement for pedestrians, bikes and disabled persons.
• Impact to Neighbors: Adjacent neighborhoods are at risk to diminished quality of life and property value.
• All American Road/Scenic Byway: This designation involved a covenant that we preserve and protect the iconic red rock viewscapes, recreation opportunities and unique village character. C2-1 zoning puts all that
at risk.

Make a Stand for Safety and Quality of Life

1. Contact your Big Park Representative Today and share these important facts with them. List of reps.

2. It’s not too late to write a letter or email to the County – MUST arrive by June 19th. Every letter from citizens 18+ will be counted.  At the beginning of your letter or email you MUST reference Patel Zoning Map Change, Application #405-33-479G. Include your address on the letter. Attn Leah Genovese | Yavapai County Development Services | 10 S. 6th Street, Cottonwood, AZ 86326 Fax: (928) 639-8153

3. Attend these meetings 
Big Park Council — Thursday June 13th 9am VOC Church of the Nazarene, 55 Rojo Drive
Yavapai County P&Z Commission Hearing — June 20th 9am, 10 S. 6th St., Cottonwood
Yavapai County Board of Supervisors — July 17th, 9am 10 S. 6th St., Cottonwood 
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